Why you should give me money

Because the weather is nice

Time for my second post, exactly 7 days after the first one! yay! party for me! …

Okay, first point of business, I changed the tag line to a more to the point description of what this blog is for.

So why give me money? well, you can just give it because you’re generous but the main idea is because you want to rent one of the lovely villa’s I rent out.  The question is then, why would you want to rent one of them?

The first answer is the post title, because the weather is really, really nice here.  Right now, when I look outside the window it’s sunny and 22ºC, or 72ºF. Now I don’t know where your from but in London its 14º, in Berlin it’s 12º and in Oslo 11º.  Of course it’s 26º in Phnom Penh so if you’re from Cambodia that’s not much of an argument, I guess.
Anyhow, the main reason people come to spend their holiday at the Costa Blanca is because of the weather.  The winters are mild and summers are warm without reaching the sweltering heath you get  here in Spain once you leave the coast.  If you’re really into that kind of thing and have nothing better to do you can check out this weather information I ripped of the AEMET (that’s the Spanish Meterological Agency).  Apparently we only get one day of frost a year which doesn’t happen in any of the 12 months, go figure. (Yes, I know how that works, it’s a joke people, chuckle)

To get you in an even better mood I’v embedded a widget that, if everything works like it’s supposed to will show you the weather we’re currently having


Jávea Weather


Of course with my luck the only person to ever read this will do so on one of the (/goes to check chart) 37 days (really? that seems to few) of rain we get down here.

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