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L'ampolla, Moraira, Alicante, Spain

In a two days it will be the first day of June.  For me, that means  the summer is here.  Now I know officially the season doesn’t start for another few weeks but in Spanish schools June was the month where you started to have only half day classes.  Instead of classes ending at five like they usually do you could go home at one and we no longer ate at school.

So it’s summer and that means half of the year is gone. I find this idea much more prone to induce reflection than the end of the year, which doesn’t particularly interest me.  Regardless, if I felt like going over my life where total strangers could read it I would have a personal blog, which I don’t so that says enough.


In all honesty I think June is the best day to spend your holidays at the Costa Blanca.  It’s warm and you no longer need a jumper or a jacket but it’s not so hot that you can’t do anything but lay under your air-conditioning with your head in the freezer.  Also the town and beaches aren’t filled with tourists yet so you can go to your favourite restaurants without having to make a reservation and all the nice spots on the beach are still available.  And don’t forget that it’s much and much cheaper.  Plain tickets, car rentals and yes, villa rentals, are half the price they will be in July and August.  I guess September also has these advantages but in that month you can get a few days of rain, or even an early “gota fria” which is more or less the closest thing to the Great Flood you can get without it actually being the end of times.

And June also has a few interesting festivities.  During the second week we celebrate “Moros y cristianos” in Moraira and at the 24th it’s the “nit del foc de Sant Joan”.  But I’ll talk about them next week.

And of course if you want to spend your holidays at the Costa Blanca our rental villa’s are the best choice.(Because I say so)  Although there isn’t all that much free any more.  The first week of Vista Ibiza, with heated pool for the coldish; the first two weeks of Villa Hermosa for the really big groups and the last week of Alegre,  my personal favourite.  If you’re looking for a last minute reservation I’ll give you a 20-25% discount on the rent.

Splash Splash

water slide at water park aqualandia benidorm

It has gotten really hot really fast here. In just a few weeks we have gone form 20ºC to 25ºC, soon I might even consider to go out without a jacket. (Hey, when you’re from here you don’t think of short pants until the birds start dropping dehydrated from the trees.)

I have been doing some research to flesh out our rather poor information section about the Costa Blanca, it’s really fascinating how little you get to know about the place where you live, I never had any idea it was possible to para-glide around here, and there is also a new paintball facility group thingy. After watching Barney Stinson and the boys from Big Bang playing it I am rather curious. I’ll try to round up some friends, see if can give it a go.

water slide at water park aqualandia benidorm

"Big Bang"

Aqualandia, one of the things I did know about, has just opened again for the summer. I’m pretty sure this is the oldest water park around here, I have such fond memories of that place. Of course when I was a kid it was much smaller than it is now. They only had the wave bath and the amazon where my parents used to lay in the shadow while my sister and me run around. They had de rapidos, the “pistas blandas”, the zig-zag and the kamikaze. the last one was rather scary and my sis and I used to dear each other to go down it. For all those of you who have never been to the place, the amazon is a large cicle around the wave bath with streaming water, the rapidos are a bit hard to explain, you need a large rubber swim ring, and then you go down a series of small waterfalls. The fun thing is trying to stay on the same level as long as possible and the lifeguards went around pushing people towards the waterfalls. The “Pistas blandas”, the zig-zag and the kamikaze are all types of water slides.
They didn’t have the kid zones they have now and, judging from the difficulty with which we have to extract my baby sister from them, are really great. There are also new water slides, one of the coolest has the unfortunate name of “Black Hole”. It involves a closed, black water slide and you go down it with a two person’s swim ring.

If my little trip down memory lane convinced you two go here are some tips:

Get your tickets over the internet.
Get there early (the park opens at 10:00) and get the best sun lounges.
Take water resistant, high factor sun cream and apply it often, apply it everywhere.
You can buy food and drink in the park, and it’s actually not that bad for park-food, but you should still take water and make sure the kids drink lots of it.
It’s possible to buy a combination ticket for park Mundomar, next to it, a zoo specialized in birds and fish with a great doplhin show and with atraction park terra mitica. All of them are worth a visit so it’s an offer worth considering. Still, if I had to choose one of those three I would go to Aqualandia.

See you next week.

Because the weather is nice

Sun costa blanca

Time for my second post, exactly 7 days after the first one! yay! party for me! …

Okay, first point of business, I changed the tag line to a more to the point description of what this blog is for.

So why give me money? well, you can just give it because you’re generous but the main idea is because you want to rent one of the lovely villa’s I rent out.  The question is then, why would you want to rent one of them?

The first answer is the post title, because the weather is really, really nice here.  Right now, when I look outside the window it’s sunny and 22ºC, or 72ºF. Now I don’t know where your from but in London its 14º, in Berlin it’s 12º and in Oslo 11º.  Of course it’s 26º in Phnom Penh so if you’re from Cambodia that’s not much of an argument, I guess.
Anyhow, the main reason people come to spend their holiday at the Costa Blanca is because of the weather.  The winters are mild and summers are warm without reaching the sweltering heath you get  here in Spain once you leave the coast.  If you’re really into that kind of thing and have nothing better to do you can check out this weather information I ripped of the AEMET (that’s the Spanish Meterological Agency).  Apparently we only get one day of frost a year which doesn’t happen in any of the 12 months, go figure. (Yes, I know how that works, it’s a joke people, chuckle)

To get you in an even better mood I’v embedded a widget that, if everything works like it’s supposed to will show you the weather we’re currently having


Jávea Weather


Of course with my luck the only person to ever read this will do so on one of the (/goes to check chart) 37 days (really? that seems to few) of rain we get down here.

First post

Okay, this is the first post of this new blog I’m starting today.

I run a website to rent luxury villas at the Costa Blanca (that’s a part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, just so you know).  Now at least part of my clients should come from Google  search engines, and the Spanish site is doing pretty good at Goo  the search engines.  The Dutch pages is rather mwah and the English one is really ugh.

So one of the often repeated good strategies is to have a business blog, which is supposed to boast ranking and attract clients.  I don’t really sea how someone interested in renting a luxury house for a few weeks during his holidays might be interested in a blog with random ramblings of … well.. me, a chick living at the place where he might be interested in going. Personally I’d rather look at some static pages  with good information (I have several of those which are not to bad, and I will expand once the days start having 34 hours) and perhaps some reviews…
As for the ranking of my sites, we’ll see… I’m not holding my breath in all honesty.

Anyhow I’m going to try to write some 300 words a week for a while, see how long I can keep that up… probably not long since I have the consistency and atentionspan of a three year old.


So the plan is to fill this blog with all the reasons why coming to spend your holidays hear at the Spanish coast will fulfil all your wildest dreams. But only if you rent one of my villas. And your dreams don’t include snow.  We had snow here once (real snow, the one that doesn’t evaporate the second you look at it), it was several decades ago, many people here have pictures of their house covered in snow from that one time, it was nice…  By the way did I tell you it’s 26ºC here right now? See? I told you this was a good place to come for a holiday.

Also, all hail to out Google overlords!