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In a two days it will be the first day of June.  For me, that means  the summer is here.  Now I know officially the season doesn’t start for another few weeks but in Spanish schools June was the month where you started to have only half day classes.  Instead of classes ending at five like they usually do you could go home at one and we no longer ate at school.

So it’s summer and that means half of the year is gone. I find this idea much more prone to induce reflection than the end of the year, which doesn’t particularly interest me.  Regardless, if I felt like going over my life where total strangers could read it I would have a personal blog, which I don’t so that says enough.


In all honesty I think June is the best day to spend your holidays at the Costa Blanca.  It’s warm and you no longer need a jumper or a jacket but it’s not so hot that you can’t do anything but lay under your air-conditioning with your head in the freezer.  Also the town and beaches aren’t filled with tourists yet so you can go to your favourite restaurants without having to make a reservation and all the nice spots on the beach are still available.  And don’t forget that it’s much and much cheaper.  Plain tickets, car rentals and yes, villa rentals, are half the price they will be in July and August.  I guess September also has these advantages but in that month you can get a few days of rain, or even an early “gota fria” which is more or less the closest thing to the Great Flood you can get without it actually being the end of times.

And June also has a few interesting festivities.  During the second week we celebrate “Moros y cristianos” in Moraira and at the 24th it’s the “nit del foc de Sant Joan”.  But I’ll talk about them next week.

And of course if you want to spend your holidays at the Costa Blanca our rental villa’s are the best choice.(Because I say so)  Although there isn’t all that much free any more.  The first week of Vista Ibiza, with heated pool for the coldish; the first two weeks of Villa Hermosa for the really big groups and the last week of Alegre,  my personal favourite.  If you’re looking for a last minute reservation I’ll give you a 20-25% discount on the rent.

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